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Medicare Part C

Part C is more commonly referred to as Medicare Advantage. Medicare Advantage plans are Medicare-approved plans from private companies that 'Bundle" Original Medicare with Part D coverage, plus other Benefits.

Medicare Advantage, What is Part C? 

Medicare Part A & Part B are referred to as "Original Medicare", well Part C is your Medicare Advantage Plans. Now, Medicare Part C Plan's are issued by private companies that have been approved by CMS to provide plans for Medicare beneficiaries. This Advantage plans provide all the coverage of Part A, Part B, and most include Part D coverage as well. The "Advantage"  offers Medicare recipients benefits that extend past the requirements of CMS.  These Benefits often include assistance with Dental, Vision and Hearing.

Completeing you health needs

Medicare Part C helps complete the insurance cycle for most Americans. Medicare Part A, Part B, and Part D cover a majority of your health needs but those plans exclude dental, vision, and hearing. These benefits are often a key factor in choosing the right Medicare Part C plan. 

An attractive benefit most carrier offer is a comprehensive dental allowance. Depending on State & County some plans provide their customers with 500-5000 in dental benefits. 


Your vision seen through our eyes. Some carrier's provide customers with a yearly allowance to assist with costs associated with eyewear. Do you have any coverage to help with your vision?

AdobeStock_274770438 (1)_edited.png

Did you hear all the benefits that could be possibly included in your Medicare Part C? No, don't worry we have plans that provide allowance towards your hearing aids. Want to know more....

Medicare Part C offers so many great benefits for Medicare recipients but they are not all related directly to your coverage. Many carriers offer benefits that include credits for Over the counter products, Healthy eating, Gym memberships (Through Silver Sneakers), and some, not all, offer Part B "Give Back".


To get more information on how you can get these benefits contact us today!

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